MTO MVIS (Motor vehicle inspection station)

Huron Automotive Services is a class 2 motor vehicle inspection station as licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

We are licensed to issue a safety standards certificate on all passenger vehicles and trailers.

Getting An Ontario Car Safety Certificate:

You can buy and register a vehicle without a safety standards certificate, but cannot put plates on a vehicle without one.

A safety standards certificate shows that your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards.

To get a certificate, your vehicle must first pass an inspection at an inspection station.

As an inspection station in Ontario, licensed by MTO, we will issue a certificate once your vehicle passes an inspection. We use government-regulated inspection criteria to determine if your vehicle meets the minimum standards to pass inspection.

Will my vehicle pass the Safety Standards Certificate inspection in Ontario?

There are many things that could cause you to fail a car safety inspection. Some of the most common examples are worn-out brakes, exhaust leaks, bad suspension and steering, tires with no grip, and leaks.


Q: How long is the certificate valid?

A: A safety standards certificate is valid for 36 calendar days after the inspection. **Please note that if it expires before you register your vehicle, you will have to pay for a new inspection and certificate.

Q: What if my vehicle fails the inspection?

A: If your vehicle fails to qualify for the safety standards certificate, you have 10 days to get the repairs made after the inspection. We can help you with that.

Types of MVIS Licences:

Type 2 – licensed to inspect and certify all motor vehicles, motorcycles, motor tricycles and trailers.

Type 3 – licensed to inspect trailers and converter dollies only.

Type 4 – licensed to inspect motorcycles and motor tricycles only.

Type 6 – licensed to inspect salvage vehicles only.

Where to find more information about Ontario vehicle safety standards:

Full details about the safety standards certificate are available on the Ministry of Transportation website:


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