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The Service Advisor is a key member of our auto shop team, serving as the primary point of contact for our valued customers during their service experience. This role bridges the gap between the customer and the technical team, ensuring smooth communication, understanding of services required, and maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The Auto Service Technician is the backbone of our operation, responsible for performing a range of services from routine maintenance to intricate repairs. Equipped with in-depth automotive knowledge and hands-on experience, they diagnose vehicle issues with precision, employ the latest tools and techniques for efficient problem resolution, and consistently ensure the safety and reliability of each vehicle they service. Commitment to quality, continuous learning, and a passion for cars are hallmarks of this essential role.

As an Apprentice, you will embark on a journey of hands-on learning and professional development. Under the guidance of seasoned experts, you will be immersed in practical tasks, gradually building skills and mastering the intricacies of the trade. This role is not just about following instructions; it’s about fostering curiosity, seeking understanding, and growing into a proficient practitioner.

The Krown Rust Protection Applicator stands as a defender against the relentless elements, ensuring vehicles remain pristine and protected against corrosion. With a keen eye for detail and thorough knowledge of vehicle anatomy, this role involves meticulously applying Krown treatments to vulnerable areas, safeguarding a vehicle’s integrity and longevity. This position requires precision, dedication to quality, and a steadfast commitment to preserving the aesthetic and functional value of every vehicle serviced. The Krown Rust Protection Applicator doesn’t just apply a product; they deliver peace of mind to vehicle owners.

The Shop Assistant is the linchpin of our daily operations, ensuring that every customer experiences a seamless and welcoming shopping journey. From replenishing stock and maintaining the store’s aesthetic appeal to assisting customers with inquiries and managing transactions, the Shop Assistant embodies the brand’s ethos through dedicated service and attention to detail. Adaptability and a keen sense of organization keep the shop running smoothly, creating an atmosphere where customers feel valued and products are showcased at their best.

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